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Blog Posts 

Fullerton Arboretum News Links
By: CSUF Senate Forum

The Arboretum and the Campus Master Plan: Now is the time to speak
By: John Bock

ASFBL OPENING DAY! Games through 4-14-19
By: CSUF Senate Forum

Master Plan Update – Please join us on April 10
By: James E. Grant, Jr.

A is for Arboretum, not Asphalt
By: John Bock

The Fullerton Arboretum, A Treasure within Our Midst
By: Scott Hewitt

Centennials/Millennials/GEN Z: Their Values, Beliefs, and Higher Education Needs
By: Kristi Kanel

Tenure Density: An Adjunct’s Perspective 
By: Patricia Lee

Bearing Witness To A Crisis in Shared Governance: Executive Orders 1110 and 1100 Revised
By: Jon Bruschke

The Marketplace of Ideas is the Problem, Not the Solution
By: Justin Huft

Tenure Density and Student Success
By: Kristi Kanel

Tenure Density: The state of the system and choices for our campus
By: Jon Bruschke

One Hundred(ish) Years of Shared Governance: A Resource Guide
By: CSUF Senate Forum

A conversation with Clement Guthro, CSUF’s new Dean of the Library
By: CSUF Senate Forum

CSUF embarks on a holistic plan to serve its housing- and food-insecure students
By: Dave Edwards, Kristi Kanel, and Carmen Curiel

RTP discussions from the Faculty Senate /Academic Affairs fall retreat
By: Emily Bonney

A Conversation about the Academic Master Plan with José Cruz and Emily Bonney
By: Emily Bonney and José Cruz

Achieving sustainability in the face of climate change and $150 million in deferred maintenance: A conversation with Willem van der Pol
By: CSUF Senate Forum and Willem van der Pol

Earthquakes, book weeding and virtual checkouts: A conversation with Scott Hewitt
By: CSUF Senate Forum and Scott Hewitt


Print Issues 


Volume 31-Number 4-Spring 2019

  • The Arboretum and the Campus Master Plan: Now is the time to speak
    By: John Bock

Volume 31-Number 3-Spring 2019

  • Master Plan Update – Please join us on April 10
    By: James E. Grant, Jr.
  • A is for Arboretum, not Asphalt
    By: John Bock
  • The Fullerton Arboretum, A Treasure within Our Midst
    By: Scott Hewitt

Volume 31-Number 2-Spring 2019

  • The Marketplace of Ideas is the Problem, Not the Solution
    By: Justin Huft
  • Bearing Witness To A Crisis in Shared Governance: Executive Orders 1110 and 1100 Revised
    By: Jon Bruschke
  • Centennials/Millennials/GEN Z: Their Values, Beliefs, and Higher Education Needs
    By: Kristi Kanel

Volume 31-Number 1-Fall 2018

  • Tenure Density and Student Success
    By: Kristi Kanel
  • Tenure Density – An Overview and Recent Developments
    By: Jon Bruschke


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Volume 30 – Number 1 – Fall 2014 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Outcomes-Based Funding In Higher Education
    By: José L. Cruz & Robert A. Koch
  • Campus Climate Survey
    By: Lori Gentles
  • The Success of High Impact Practices in Human Services Advising
    By: Lorraine Klein Thornburg
  • An interview with Jose L. Cruz
    By: Emily Bonney

Volume 29 – Number 2 – Spring 2014 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Outcomes-Based Funding In Higher Education
    By: Robert A. Koch
  • An interview with Danny Kim
    By: Danny Kim
  • An interview with Peter Nwosu
    By: Peter Nwosu

Volume 29 – Number 1 – Winter 2014 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Transitions and Transformations: Interview with Tonantzin Oseguera & Lori Gentles
    By: Tonantzin Oseguera & Lori Gentles
  • Recruitment & Retention of a Diverse Faculty and Staff
    By: Stephan Walk
  • Reflections on the Senate Forum
    By: David Kelman & Sean Walker

Volume 28 – Number 2 and 3 – Spring 2013 PDF File Opens in new window

  • New Leaders Implement Fullerton Way 2.1
    By: José L. Cruz
  • CSUF’s New Leaders, Berenecea Johnson Eanes
    By: Berenecea Johnson Eanes
  • CSUF’s New Leaders, Frank Mumford
    By: Frank Mumford
  • CSUF’s New Leaders, Gregory J. Saks
    By: Gregory J. Saks
  • CSUF’s New Leaders, Stephen Garcia
    By: Stephen Garcia
  • CSUF’s New Leaders, Jim Donovan
    By: Jim Donovan

Volume 28 – Number 1 – Winter 2012 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Arrivals & Departures, Charles Reed
    By: Charles Reed
  • Arrivals & Departures, Gordon Bakken
    By: Gordon Bakken
  • Arrivals & Departures, Zvi Drezner
    By: Zvi Drezner
  • Arrivals & Departures, Kathleen Preston
    By: Kathleen Preston
  • Arrivals & Departures, Alvin Rangel-Alvarado
    By: Alvin Rangel-Alvarado

Volume 27 – Number 3 – Spring 2012 PDF File Opens in new window

  • An interview with Willie Hagan
    By: Willie Hagan
  • An interview with Millie Garcia
    By: Millie Garcia
  • An interview with Don Shields
    By: Don Shields

Volume 27 – Number 2 – Spring 2012 PDF File Opens in new window

  • The President’s Symposium: Appraising The Future; Understanding Costs
    By: Dr. Willie J. Hagan
  • The President’s Symposium: Understanding Costs
    By: Mark Hoven Stohs
  • The President’s Symposium: Guilt, Shame and Fear
    By: Diana Wright Guerin
  • The President’s Symposium: Cost Control and Public Support for Higher Education: O.C. Business Leader Opinions
    By: Keith Boyum
  • The President’s Symposium: The Unbundling of American Education
    By: William G. Tierney
  • The President’s Symposium: The Disruption of Higher Education in California
    By: Jeffrey J. Selingo
  • The President’s Symposium: Voters Support For and Perceptions of Higher Education in California
    By: Steven Stambaugh

Volume 27 – Number 1 – Fall 2011 PDF File Opens in new window

  • President Milton A. Gordon
    By: Jack Bedell
  • President Milton A. Gordon
    By: Ed Royce
  • President Milton A. Gordon
    By: James L. Rosser
  • President Milton A. Gordon
    By: Pamela Hillman
  • President Milton A. Gordon
    By: Diana Wright Guerin
  • President Milton A. Gordon
    By: Robyn Harney
  • President Milton A. Gordon
    By: Charles Reed
  • President Milton A. Gordon
    By: Thomas P. Klammer
  • President Milton A. Gordon
    By: Brian Quinn
  • President Milton A. Gordon
    By: Norma Morris

Volume 26 – Number 3 – Spring 2011 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Moving to Moodle: The New Era of Learning Management Systems
    By: Amir Dabirian and Sean Walker
  • Technological Innovation and Changing Roles of the Professoriate
    By: Lynda Randall
  • Teaching and Learning with 21st Century Titans
    By: Andrea Guillaume
  • The Importance of Collaboration in Research
    By: Melanie Horn Mallers
  • Librarians, Faculty, and the Google Generation: Enhancing Student Research through Collaboration
    By: Michael Demars
  • On Doing It Because We Can: Linking Online Instruction to University Goals
    By: Jon Bruschke

Volume 26 – Number 2 – Winter 2011 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Academic Senate Ratings of Themes and Initiatives in the March 2011 Draft of the Campus Strategic Plan
    By: Diana Wright Guerin
  • SB 1440: Understanding the New Legislation
    By: Barry Pasternack
  • Impaction and the Undergraduate Admissions to CSUF
    By: Steve Murray and Edward Sullivan
  • Impaction and the Undermining of Equal Opportunities for Higher Education in California
    By: Nancy Fitch
  • Vision for the Future: The Role of Student Affairs
    By: Sy Abrego
  • Vision for the Future: The College of Health and Human Development
    By: Shari McMahan
  • A New Vision for the Faculty Development Center: More Than a Location
    By: Chris Renne
  • Understanding the Accessible Technology Initiative
    By: Xtine Burrough

Volume 26 – Number 1 – Fall 2010 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Chair’s Message
    By: Diana Wright Guerin
  • The Transition to Campus for Newly-Hired Faculty
    By: Graboyes, Diana Wright Guerin, and Ed Sullivan
  • Campus-Wide Initiatives for Increasing Faculty Retention and Success
    By: Dietz, Scott Hewitt, and Lynda Randall
  • College-Level Strategies for Increasing Faculty Retention and Success
    By: Anil Puri and Roberta Rikli
  • Faculty Retention and Success: A Departmental View
    By: Jesse Battan, Sheryl Fontaine, and Bob Koch
  • Morton’s Fork: Rationing Access to CSUF
    By: Ed Trotter and Ed Sullivan

Volume 25 – Number 2 – Spring 2010 PDF File Opens in new window

  • A Message From the Chair
    By: Scott Hewitt
  • They Came, They Saw, They Recommended: What the WASC Visiting Team Said
    By: WASC Steering Committee
  • National Survey of Student Engagement
    By: Ed Sullivan
  • Aspirations: University Planning Committee Event
    By: Michael Parker
  • Facilitating Graduation Rates
    By: Ed Trotter and Scott Hewitt
  • “Bologna” 3-Year Degree Changes U.S. Graduate School Admissions
    By: Katherine Powers
  • Strategic Initiatives: Philanthropic Foundation Board Tackles Key Projects
    By: Pam Hillman
  • Research Succeeds at All Levels
    By: Dorota Huizinga

Volume 25 – Number 1 – Fall 2009 PDF File Opens in new window

  • A Message From the Chair
    By: Scott Hewitt
  • Academic Quality in Relationship to WASC
    By: Jack Bedell and Dorota Huizinga
  • Generating External Funding for Research
    By: Scott Hewitt and Roberta Rikli
  • Property Acquisition
    By: William Hagan
  • Irvine Campus Task Force
    By: Keith Boyum
  • Dealing with Furlough
    By: Ed Trotter and Jonathan Taylor
  • Senate Vent Tent
    By: Robin Rawal, Pamela Caldwell, Mimi Lawson, Suzanne Tappe, Sharon

Volume 24 – Number 2 – Spring 2009 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Universal Design for Learning A Proactive Pedagogical Approach
    By: Emiliano C. Ayala & Brett Christie
  • What Should Our Graduation Rate Be? An Analysis and Recommendation
    By: Diana Guerin, Dorota Huizinga, Kandy Mink-Salas, Ed Sullivan, and Ed Trotter
  • Modeling Ethical Use of Intellectual Property
    By: Anthony Davis
  • University Service: Why do it? How to get on the committee of your dreams
    By: Scott Hewitt
  • Faculty Productivity in the Electronic Age: The Impact of Producitivy Tools on Scholarship
    By: Katherine Kantardjieff
  • Update on Activities of the Academic Senate of the California State University
    By: Barry Pasternack

Volume 24 – Number 1 – Fall 2008 PDF File Opens in new window


Volume 23 – Number 3 – Spring 2008 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Bridging a New Gap in Academia: The Disconnect Between Native Students and Digital Immigrant Professors
    Not given
  • Cyber infrastructure and the Brave New World of Higher Education
    By: Katherine Kantardjieff
  • Creating Online Learning Communities
    By: Chris Street
  • The Changing Role of the Academic in a Digital Society
    By: Karen Ivers
  • The 21st Century Student: Characteristics and Workplace Expectations of Today’s Learners
    By: JoAnn Carter-Wells
  • Designing Engaging and Relevant Instruction for Net Generation Students
    By: Lynda Randall

Volume 23 – Number 2 – Spring 2008 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Directions for Providing Evidence of Learning in Higher Education
    By: Gerald W. Patton
  • Meditation on “Assessment”
    By: Richard Lippa
  • The Proof is in the Pudding: Authentic Assessment of Workplace Competencies
    Kristi Kanel
  • A Commentary on the Access to Excellence Report: February 2008 Revision
    By: Vince Buck
  • Functional or Dysfunctional Department: How Does Your Department “Measure Up”?
    By: Linda Orozco
  • Shared Governance: The Role of the Academic Senate in Decision Making at CSUF
    By: Jack Bedell and Herb Rutemiller
  • Keeping our UPS (University Policy Statements) Current: Progress Report
    By: Diana Guerin

Volume 23 – Number 1 – Fall 2007 

  • Sustaining Quality at CSU Fullerton: An Introduction
    By: Diana Guerin
  • Charting our Future: Reaccreditation Process Update
    By: Sheryl Fontaine, Ray Young, and WASC Steering Committee
  • Academic Senate Priorities for 2007-08
    By: Diana Guerin and Sylvia Alva
  • Update on the Five-Year Faculty Hiring Initiative
    By: Dolores Vura
  • Dysfunctional Arguments: A Response to “Dysfunctional Departments”
    By: Stanley Woll
  • A Report of Statewide Academic Senate Activities and Positions
    By: Barry Pasternack
  • “Nanjun” and “The Fullerton Way”
    By: Leland Bellot

Volume 22 – Number 3 – Spring 2007 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Costs of Campus Growth: The Deteriorating Educational Experience
    By: Vince Buck
  • Budget Implications of Growth at California State University, Fullerton
    By: Willie Hagan and Cheryl Perreira
  • Campus Growth: Quality of Life and Environmental Concerns
    By: Jonathan Taylor
  • A Continued Commitment to Access
    By: Dawn Valencia and Sylvia Alva
  • Healthy Things Grow; Growing Things Change
    By: Jay Bond
  • The Need for Student Housing
    By: Kandy Mink Salas
  • Poetry Corner: A Design of Night in New Haven
    By: Mark Grinyer

Volume 22 – Number 2 – Spring 2007 PDF File Opens in new window

  • The Professoriate: To Be or Not To Be Tenured—That is the Question
    By: Ellen Junn and Tom Klammer
  • Secundi Inter Pares: A Full-Time Temporary Lecturer’s Perspective
    By: Dana Loewy
  • A Day in the Life of A Lecturer
    By: Ellen Kottler
  • Life Within a Full-Time Lecturer Cohort
    By: Susan G. Shipstead
  • Road Scholar
    By: David Freeman
  • A Positive Transition from the Corporate World
    By: JoAnne Andre
  • What do Lecturers Need?
    By: Curtis Williams
  • A Message from the Senate Chair
    By: Diana Guerin
  • Poetry Corner: Winter in High Latitudes
    By: Mark Grinyer

Volume 22 – Number 1 – Fall 2006 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Enhancing the Academic Life of the Mid-Career Professional
    By: Lynda Randall
  • A Historical Perspective on Sabbatical Leaves
    By: Scott Hewitt
  • Faculty Early Retirement Program
    By: James Friel
  • What’s Up With All This Paper?
    By: Bill Haddad
  • Chair’s Report: Access and Excellence as the University Turns 50
    By: Diana Guerin
  • Quality of CSUF as a Workplace for Faculty
    By: G. Nanjundappa and Mahamood Hassan
  • Dysfunctional Departments
    By: Susan Parman

Volume 21 – Number 3 – Spring 2006 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Closing the Student Gender Gap at CSUF
    By: Mark Shapiro
  • K-12 Education and the Gender Gap in College
    By: Patricia Keig
  • Research Addendum: More on the Student Gender Gap at CSUF
    By: Dolores Vura
  • The Places in Between: Creating the Community-Friendly Campus
    By: Jay Bond and Vince Buck
  • Student Ratings of Instruction: Revisiting Current Practices and Planning for the Future
    By: Phil Gianos and Mike McGee
  • Pandemic Preparedness: What is Faculty’s Role?
    By: Joanne Gass

Volume 21 – Number 2 – Spring 2006 PDF File Opens in new window

  • The Student Gender Gap at CSUF
    By: Michael Gurian
  • The Student Gender Gap at CSUF: Identifying the Patterns in Enrollment and Performance
    By: Dolores Vura and Ed Sullivan
  • Feminism and the Gender Gap in College Enrollment
    By: Barbara McDowell
  • Current Work of the CSUF Academic Senate
    By: John W. Bedell
  • Top-Down “Leadership” Fails Again
    By: Vince Buck
  • Statewide Academic Senate (ASCSU) Activities
    By: Barry Pasternack

Volume 21 – Number 1 – Fall 2005 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Defining and Measuring Academic Quality: A Theme for the 2005-2006 Academic Senate
    By: John W. Bedell
  • Balancing Growth and Quality
    By: Robert Emry and Roberta Rikli
  • What Should Our Faculty Look Like in 2015?
    By: Dolores Vura and Diana Wright Guerin
  • Accreditation and Assessment: Imposed or Infused in Practice?
    By: Ray Young
  • A View from the Trenches
    By: Wendell C. Crow
  • Connecting Learning across the Curriculum and General Education
    By: Sylvia Alva and Paul Levesque
  • Re-Envisioning Our Budget Systems
    By: Jim Woodward, Willie Hagan, and Naomi Goodwin
  • What Should the Academic Senate and Its Committees Look Like in 2015?
    By: Scott Hewitt and Lee Gilbert
  • What Should We Look Like in 2015? Satellite Campuses, Online Instruction, Interdisciplinary Programs, and More?
    By: Tom Klammer and Mark Shapiro
  • What Students Care About
    By: Drew Wiley and Heather Williams
  • What Makes Shared Governance Work?
    By: Vince Buck
  • Culture Corner: God Bless America and All She Stands For
    By: Jean Fuller

Volume 20 – Number 3 – Spring 2005 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Student Ratings of Instruction at CSUF—Perspectives and Recommendations
    By: Senate Forum
  • SRI Forms in the RTP Process: A View from the Faculty Personnel Committee
    By: James L. Dietz
  • SRI Forms and the DPC
    By: Joanne Gass
  • Student Ratings of Instruction Have Value
    By: Mona Mohammadi and Drew Wiley
  • One Dean’s Perspective on Improving SRI Forms and the RTP Process
    By: Roberta E. Rikli
  • Should Student Opinions Control Faculty Careers?
    By: Charles H. Schroeder
  • SRIs Fail to Perform
    By: Susan Shipstead and Sharon Willmer
  • A Department Chair’s View on the Use of Student Ratings of Instruction
    By: Patricia A. Szeszulski
  • Student Ratings of Instruction
    By: Gayle Vogt
  • Concerns about the SRI Process: A Brief Comment
    By: G. Nanjundappa
  • Teaching Evaluations: Relevant Considerations
    By: Ran Chermesh
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Periodic Reviews
    By: Lynda Randall

Volume 20 – Number 2 – Spring 2005 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Incivility: A Problem at CSUF?
    By: Forum
  • Civility: The Value of Valuing Differences
    By: A. Emry and Owen Holmes
  • Civility on Campus
    By: Rhoten
  • Student Perspective on Civility at CSUF
    By: Vasquez and Mona Mohammadi
  • Uncommon Courtesy
    By: Jane Hall
  • What’s Happening at the Statewide Academic Senate
    By: Barry Pasternack

Volume 20 – Number 1 – Fall 2004 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Your Academic Senate in 2004-2005
    By: John W. Bedell
  • Improving Recruitment Rates: Faculty Flow Report and Recommendations
    By: Barry Pasternack
  • Retaining High Quality Faculty: A CSUF Case Study
    By: Ellen Junn
  • Faculty Who Leave Early
    By: Peggy Atwell
  • Supports and Challenges
    By: Barbara Glaeser
  • A Newly Tenured Professor’s View of the Process
    By: Kristi Kanel
  • Recruit and Retain
    By: Rhonda Y. W. Allen

Volume 19 – Number 3 – Spring 2004 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Priorities for University Advancement Division and for the Campus
    By: Pamela Hillman
  • Textbook Availability
    By: Mike Parker
  • Why Some Faculty Choose Off-Campus Text Vendors
    By: Bill Haddad
  • STUDENTS – The #1 Reason Why Titan Shops Needs to Receive Textbook Requisitions
    By: Bill Dickerson

Volume 19 – Number 2 – Fall 2003 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Progress Report on Implementation of ACR 73: No Progress
    By: Barry Pasternack
  • Criteria and Standards for Temporary Faculty
    By: Diana Guerin and Anil Puri
  • “Effective” Tenure: Transition to Post-Tenure Academe?
    By: Kathy Brzovic
  • Service Learning: Impressive Growth and Impact at CSUF
    By: Jeannie Kim-Han
  • Ruminations on the Marginalization of the
    By: John Olmsted
  • Academic Senate, Not Faculty Council, Should Keep Jousting
    By: Sandra Sutphen

Volume 19 – Number 1 – Fall 2003 PDF File Opens in new window

  • What Has Your Senate Done for You Lately?
    By: Lee Gilbert
  • Why the Campus Community Should Be Concerned about the USA Patriot Act
    By: Suellen Cox
  • Cultural Corner
    By: Walter Hettich
  • Grants & Contracts: Proposals to Move CSUF Out of the Cellar
    By: Kolf Jayaweera and Barry Pasternack
  • Reorganization is Essential
    By: Enid Gruber
  • Incentives and Disincentives for the PI
    By: Jane Hall and Steve Murray
  • Younger Faculty on the Academic Senate: One Senator’s View
    By: Scott Hewitt

Volume 18 – Number 2 – Spring 2002 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Making CSUF an Even Better Place: Alternatives to Whatsits and Tchotchkes
    By: Helen Jaskoski
  • What Has Your Academic Senate Done for You Lately?
    By: Lee Gilbert
  • And the Rooster Said, “____-a-Doodle-Doo”
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • What Are You Guys Doing to My E-mail?
    By: Mike Parker and Dick Bednar
  • Cultural Corner: Ese Gesto
    By: Lydia Vélez
  • The Economics of the University: A Tale of Two Curves
    By: David Wong
  • Community Voices: Replies to the Senate Forum
    By: Barry Mednick, Gerald E. Gannon, Jack Bedell, Kathy Brzovic, Jerome S. Arkenberg, Maryalyce Jeremiah
  • Shaping the Student Body
    By: Judith Anderson

Volume 18 – Number 1 – Fall 2002 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Julian Foster, 1926 – 2002
    By: Buck
  • Colleagues Remember Julian
    By: Keith Boyum, John Olmsted, Roger Dittmann, and Herb Rutemiller
  • Current Issues Facing the Academic Senate
    By: Lee Gilbert
  • An Introduction to ASCSU: The California State Academic Senate
    By: Vince Buck
  • Issues of Quality: Is “More with Less” Here to Stay?
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • Inertia Matters: CFA’s “Disturbing Trends”
    By: Diana Wright Guerin
  • ACR: 73 Restoring the Permanent: Temporary Faculty Ratio to 75:25
    By: Barry Pasternack
  • ASD 02-51: Resolution to Monitor the Teaching & Learning Environment
    By: Senate Forum
  • Adequacy of the Six Indicators of Teaching and Learning
    By: Ed Trotter
  • Monitoring the Status of Our Library Resources
    By: Elizabeth Housewright
  • Comments on the Senate Resolution to Establish a Teaching & Learning Report
    By: Tom Klammer
  • Past Issues, Present Issues, Different Issues, Same Issues
    By: Senate Forum Editorial Board

Volume 17 – Number 1 – Fall 2001 PDF File Opens in new window

  • A few brief thoughts
    By: Melinda Blackman
  • Politics, Administration, and Justice: A Few Thoughts
    By: Dr. Karl H. Kahrs
  • Comments from a Sikh American
    By: Chiranjeev Kohli
  • German Reactions to the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001
    By: Dana Loewy
  • America Changed on September 11
    By: Owen Holmes
  • “September 11th and Conceptual Analysis”
    By: Shari N. Starrett
  • The Dangers of “War”
    By: Craig K. Ihara
  • “United We Stand”: Some Reflections
    By: Heather D. Battaly
  • Courage in Our Time of Crisis
    By: Joni Norby
    By: PJ Levesque
  • So? When Is Take-An-Arab-American-To-Brunch-Day?
    By: JoAnn Byrne
  • Overcoming September 11th Intelligence Deficits
    By: Paul Sheldon Foote
  • Reactions from Faculty
    By: Vince Buck, Alan Saltzstein, Mike Brown, Bruce Wright, Harvey Grody, Shay Sayre, Shari N. Starrett
  • America’s Response to Terrorism
    By: Dr. Donald Matthewson
  • From a Palestinian-American
    By: Teeanna Rizkallah
  • Irreverent Commentary on the State of Education in America Today
    By: Mark Shapiro
  • Investigation of the Sept. 11, 2001 Incident
    By: Bill Van Cleve
  • Reactions from Students
    By: Minzi Su and Christopher Reese
  • Criminal Justice Concerns
    By: Max Dery
  • God Bless America and All She Stands For
    By: Jean Fuller

Volume 16 – Number 2 – Spring 2001 PDF File Opens in new window

  • An Interview with Dr. Robert Palmer, Vice President of Student Services
    By: Dr. Robert Palmer and Seante Forum staff
  • Take a Deep Breath: It’s (Usually) OK; and University Research Helped Make that True
    By: Jane Hall
  • From the Editor: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.
    By: Sorel Reisman
  • The Never Ending Gap
    By: Morteza Rahmatian
  • Assessing Assessment – An Iconoclast’s View
    By: John Olmsted
  • Assessing Online Instruction
    By: Sorel Reisman
  • Are Male Students Now an Underrepresented Minority at Cal State Fullerton?
    By: Mark H. Shapiro
  • Reactions to “Are Male Students Now an Underrepresented Minority at Cal State Fullerton?”
    By: Jim Blackburn
  • Shared governance: W ho shares? W ho governs?
    By: Vince Buck
  • Toward Supporting Teaching and Learning at CSUF
    By: Ellen Junn
  • Twins
    By: Nancy Segal
  • CSUF’S Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Program
    By: Norm Page and Eric Solberg
  • Titan Technology 1995 to 2007
    By: Mike Parker
  • Nomos Ergo – Painless Computing
    By: Colleen Wilkins
  • Should Part-Time Faculty Serve on the Academic Senate? YES & NO
    By: G. Nanjundappa and Sorel Reisman
  • A Day in the Life of Harriet Brown, Or Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One
    By: Senate Forum Staff

Volume 16 – Number 1 – Winter 2001 PDF File Opens in new window

  • A Word from the Faculty Coordinator
    By: Dr. Andrew Gill
  • A View From the University Personnel Committee
    By: Dr. Ed Trotter
  • The Role of the Library
    By: Dr. Patricia L. Bril
  • What Do We Want to Accomplish?
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • From the Editor: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.
    By: Sorel Reisman
  • Faculty Research at a Comprehensive University
    By: Dr. Kolf Jayaweera
  • International Research
    By: Dr. Robert Voeks
  • Research, Merit Pay and the Coach
    By: Dr. Maryalyce Jeremiah
  • The Importance of Research and Grant Support
    By: Dr. Maria C. Linder
  • Needed: A Better Research Environment for Untenured Faculty
    By: Dr. Bin Cong
  • Advice for New-Comers
    By: Dr. C. Jessie Jones
  • Managing for Research
    By: Dr. Stuart Ross
  • Thinking Big, Taking Small Steps
    By: Dr. Walter Hettich

Volume 15 – Number 3 – Fall 2000 PDF File Opens in new window

  • We’re Great
    By: Tom Klammer
  • And We’re Going To Get Even Better!
    By: Sandy Sutphen
  • From the Editor: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
    By: Sorel Reisman
  • Aligning our Campus Culture with our Mission of Learning (WASC Self Study)
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • Accountability and Assessment (WASC Site Team Report)
    By: Patricia Szeszulski and Dolores Vura
  • Instructional Technologies: Broadening Access and Expanding Assessment
    By: Fred Zanpour and Ray Yuong
  • Support for Non-Native Speakers of English (WASC Site Team Report)
    By: Isaac Cardenas, Toya Wyatt, Mary Kay Crouch, Sandra Sutphen
  • Improving Community (WASC Self Study)
    By: Sandra Sutphen and Vince Buck
  • General Education: The Next Needed Steps (WASC Action Letter)
    By: Bob Emry And Judy Ramirez
  • Developing Awareness and Use Among Current Faculty of Generally Accepted Principles of Good Pedagogy (WASC Site Team Report)
    By: Ellen Junn and Dave Perkins
  • Improving the Program Performance Process (WASC Action Letter)
    By: Keith Boyum
  • Let’s Finally Put a Second Language Requirement in Place!
    By: Lee Gilbert and Morteza Rahmatian
  • Let Us Really Internationalize, This Time
    By: Keith Boyum and Lee Gilbert
  • Distance Learning
    By: Tom Johnson and Mark Shapiro
  • Coping with Demand: State-Supported Summer Instruction and Off-Campus Centers
    By: Keith Boyum and Judith Anderson
  • Service Learning
    By: Kathy O’Bryne, Vince Buck, and Judy Ramirez
  •  Increasing Graduate/Post baccalaureate Enrollments at CSUF
    By: Keith Boyum and John Olmsted
  • Campus Diversity: A Major Asset
    By: Isaac Cardenas and Sandra Sutphen
  • Recruiting Teachers for a State That Needs Them
    By: Claire Palmerino, Ruth Yopp-Edwards, Belinda Karge, Judith Kraft, and Judy Ramirez

Volume 15 – Number 2 – Spring 2000 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Challenges in Business Education: Charged to Change?
    By: Katrin R. Harich
  • Interview with Vice President Ephraim Smith
    By: Ephraim Smith
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
    By: Sorel Reisman
  • Responses to the State Auditor’s Report
    By: Mark Shapiro
  • Selected Results of the Latest Technology Survey
    By: Sorel Reisman
  • Consumer Satisfaction and Faculty Acquiescence: Whose Reality Must We Confront?
    By: Stanley Woll
  • Our Thoughts about Dr. Woll’s Comments on the Academic Forum
    By: John W. Bedell, Marilyn Moore, & Gayle Sorensen
  • The WASC Visit at CSUF
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • History of The School of Humanities & Social Sciences
    By: Lawrence B. de Graaf
  • Is YRO in Our Future? Can Shared Governance Cope?
    By: Vince Buck
  • The School of Communications: Working Towards a Technological Future
    By: Ed Trotter
  • Inside Out or Outside In? An Online Senate Forum Interview
    By: Willy Hagan, Ellen Junn, Judith V. Ramirez, Mike Parker, Keith Boyum
  • University Ex- tended Education: A Rich and Varied Component of CSUF
    By: Harry L. Norman
  • Coordinator for Scholarly and Creative Activities Appointed
    By: John Reinard
  • Take the Money and Run?
    By: Anonymous

Volume 14 – Number 1 – Fall 1999 PDF File Opens in new window

  • History and Future of CSUF
    By: President Milton A. Gordon
  • What Should the Role of Faculty Members be at the End of the 20th Century?
    By: Jane Hall
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
    By: Sorel Reisman
  • A Report Card for CSUF
    By: Diana Wright Guerin
  • The Fullerton Way
    By: Vince Buck and Jane Hipolito
  • Meeting Society’s Changing Needs
    By: Diane Ross
  • Planning for the Library of the Future
    By: Patricia Bril
  • The Case for Merit Pay
    By: Mark Stohs
  • Against Merit Pay
    By: Vince Buck and John Olmstead
  • Faire Share or Paycheck Theft?
    By: Thomas Mayes
  • CMS-A Top Down Information Technology Mandate
    By: Barry Pasternack
  • Disrutpive Classroom Behavior
    By: Sandra Rhoten
  • A Brief For CSU Granting Doctoral Degrees
    By: Clarence E. Tygart
  • A Survey of Faculty Opinions Concerning Student Evaluations of Teaching
    By: Michael H. Birnbaum
  • Reply to Michael Birnhaum’s “Survey of Faculty Opinions Concerning Student Evaluations of Teaching”
    By: Gayle H. Vogt, Mary K. Crouch, D.V. Ramsamooj
  • Fredrick Taylor Comes to College
    By: Michael D. Yates

Volume 13 – Number 2 – Spring 1999 PDF File Opens in new window

  • CSUF Outstanding Professor 1997-98 Challenges Facing Fullerton: Reflections on the Future of CSUF
    By: John Olmstead
  • Merit Pay: The Camel Stinks
    By: Vince Buck
  • FAQs about Academic Senate
    By: Arlene Ehrenberger and Sandra Sutphen
  • Skeptics and Champions of a Second Language Graduation Requirement
    By: Keith Boyum, Tom Klammer, Curtis Swanson, and Lee Gilbert
  • How CSUF Helps Create Professors
    By: Kristi Kanel
  • Who Are Our Students?
    By: Sandra Sutphen and Dolores Vura
  • Mandatory Freshman Advisement
    By: Bob Belloli
  • Academic Technology for Y2K
    By: Sorel Reisman
  • Sutphen’s Unofficial Senate Minutes
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • Highlights of AY 1998-1999
    By: Vince Buck and Jane Hall

Volume 13 – Number 1 – Spring 1999 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Where Do We Hope to Be in 2010?
    By: Jone V. Hall
  • Oh, no! Not another committee request. Or, get thee behind me Satan.
    By: Jane Hall
  • For Everything, There is a Season, or, Reaching Points of No Re-Tern (Or the never-ending Perils of Harriet)
    By: Sorel Reisman
  • What Are Our Students Prepared for, and Can We Prepare Them?
    By: JoAnn Byrne
  • Annual 1999 Academic .Affairs Forum: “Access to a Quality Education at CSUF”
    By: Ellen Junn

Volume 12 – Number 3 – Spring 1998 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Where Terning is Preeminent
    By: Sorel Reisman
  • A Conversation Mark Twain at California State University Fullerton
    By: Karen Lystra
  • Translating the Arts of Translation
    By: Stephan R. Walk and Michael C. Steiner
  • Should Chairs Remain in Bargaining Unit 3?
    By: Keith Boyum
  • The Worst of All Systems of Governance….
    By: Leland J. Bellot
  • Dialogues on Technology
    By: Nancy Fitch and Mike Parker
  • The Modern University and the Creation of the CSU
    By: Michael Parker
  • Whither the University?
    By: Nancy Fitch
  • Expanding Our Concept of Enrollment Management
    By: Charles Moore
  • Notes From the Senate Chair
    By: Vince Buck

Volume 12 – Number 2 – Fall 1997 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Still Crazy–about learning–After All These Years!
    By: Craig K. Ihara
  • What Summer Vacation?
    By: John Olmsted
  • The Joys of Contributing to Students’ Successes
    By: K. Jeanine Congaitoll .
  • Creating a Safe Working Environment
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • On Doing Community Research
    By: Stewart Long
  • Is There a CETI in Your Future?
    By: Barry Alan Pasternack
  • The Culture of the Marketplace vs.the Culture of Genuine Inquiry
    By: Susan Parman
  • Personal Reflections on China’s Economic Emergence
    By: Madeleine Brady Ramero
  • Less is More: The Value of the Millimally Managed University
    By: Vince Buck

Volume 12 – Number 1 – Fall 1997 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Cornerstones: A Commitment to the Future From the Draft Report 8/97
  • Cornerstones: It Just Doesn’t Add Up
    By: Wright Guerin
  • Cornerstones: What Are the Real Costs
    By: Vince Buck
  • Cornerstones: Heralding a New Paradigm
    By: David Perkins
  • Cornerstones: Issues Worth Considering Carefully
    By: Kolf O. Jayaweera
  • Cornerstones Neglects the Important Role of Staff
    By: Pete Nelson
  • Cornerstones: A Qualitative Strategy for a Quantative Problem
    By: Gayle K. Brunelle
  • Does “Seat Time” Trivialize Classroom Learning?
    By: Atara Stein
  • The Epistemological Shift Underlying Cornerstones
    By: Mary Kay Tetreault
  • The New Visual Anthropology Lab: Deconstructing and Reconstructing Culture and Media
    By: Jeff D. Himpele
  • Beyond “Postmodernism”: You Need to Know to Deconstruct!
    By: Richard Lippa
  • The Yin and the Yang of China’s Reunification
    By: Nancy T. Baden
  • Notes from the Senate Chair: A Flawed Search Process
    By: Vince Buck

Volume 11 – Winter 1997 PDF File Opens in new window

  • What Exactly is General Education? Issues & Models
    By: Susan Parman
  • High-Tech Environment Creates Challenegs for the School of Communications
    By: Rick Pullen
  • The Dynamic Environment of HDCS: Discoveries of a New Dean
    By: Soraya Coley
  • Using Digital Technologies to Mediate Learning in New Ways
    By: Michael Parker
  • A Not-So-Modest Proposal for a Center for Instructional Technology
    By: Sorel Reisman and Curt Swanson
  • Thanks for the Box. What Does It Do?
    By: Vince Buck
  • Cornerstones: A Wake Up Call
    By: Mary Kay Tetreault and Vince Buck
  • The Joy of Committees
    By: Vince Buck

Volume 11 – Spring 1997 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Student Learning Outcomes General Education
    By: Sylvia Alatorre Alva
  • Faculty Roles & Rewards
    By: Albert Flores
  • Alternative Structures and Calendars for Learning
    By: Susan Parman & Barry Pasternack
  • Individual Learning vs. Learning in Communities
    By: Loydene Keith, Sheryl Fontaine, & EllenJunn
  • Using Technology to Redesign Improve Learning Environment
    By: Sorel Reisman
  • Toward a Culture of Learning
    By: Susan Parman
  • A Skeptic’s View of Faculty Day
    By: Mark Shapiro
  • “Putting the Cart Before the Horse,” “First Things First,” and Other Famous Sayings
    By: Alan Saltzstein
  • Community-Based Learning at CSUF: A Progress Report
    By: Judith Ramirez
  • A Response to Critics of My “Towards a Post-Modern Approach to GE”
    By: Michael Parker
  • Fitch & Ayanian on Parker’s Postmodernism: Wrong & Wrong
    By: Stephan Walk

Volume 11 – Fall 1996 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Increased Demands On Faculty Time
    By: Vince Buck
  • The Trials and Tribulations of Dr. Harriet Brown*
    By: Sorel Reisman
  • Can/Should a Postmodernism Guide Our Discussion of General Education: A Response to Michael Parker?
    By: Nancy Fitch
  • A Brief Defense of What Got Us Here
    By: Robert Ayanian
  • The Sound of One Voice Dialoguing
    By: Stanley Woll
  • When Am I Ever Gonna Use This Stuff?
    By: Martin Vern Bonsangue
  • Making Learning Preeminent in the Athletic Experience
    By: Maryalyce Jeremiah
  • Reaching Out To Prospective Students & Sharing Our Mission*
    By: Chuck Moore
  • My Summer Vacation
    By: Merrill Ring
  • Notes from the Senate Chair An Open Forum
    By: Vince Buck

Volume 10 – Number 3 and 4 – May 1996 PDF File

  • The Senate Forum Interview
    By: Mary Kay Tetreault
  • Guskin and Restructuring Higher Education
    By: Vince Buck
  • Towards a “Post-Modern” Approach to General Education
    By: Michael Parker
  • Assigned Time: Boon or Boondoggle?
    By: Alberto T. Bueso and Herb Rutemiller
  • The California Civil Rights Initiative Violates Human Rights
    By: J. Owens Smith
  • Like it or Not: PSSI’s are Here to Stay
    By: Keith Boyum
  • Managed Learning: Is it Here to Stay?
    By: Michael Russell
  • Computer Pages Internet Search Engines
    By: Barry Alan Pasternack
  • New Faculty Orientation
    By: Peggy Atwell
  • Being Senate Chair Was….
    By: Keith Boyum

Volume 10 – Number 2 – December 1995 PDF File Opens in new window

  • The Peer Review Project at CSUF Introduction and Background
    By: Vince Buck
  • The CSUF Participants
    By: Jane Hipolito
  • The Beginnings
    By: Lynda Randall
  • The Rationale
    By: Harriet Edwards
  • The Models
    By: John Olmstead
  • Testing the Models
    By: Jane Hipolito
  • Classroom Observation as a Means of Peer Review
    By: Harriet Edwards
  • The Portfolio as a Means of Peer Review
    By: Andrea Guillaume
  • Classroom Research as a Means of Peer Review: Three Reports
    By: Brian Kleiner, John Olmstead, Rich Wiseman
  • Colloquium as a Means Peer Review
    By: Michael Droun
  • Point, Counterpoint: Five Theses on the Religious Right
    By: Benjamin Hubbard and Rick Pullen
  • When the Inevitable Happens!
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • Book Review: Darwinism Evolving
    By: Merrill Ring
  • Information Technology Run Amuck
    By: Vince Buck
  • Performance Salary Step Increases- PSSIs
    By: Keith Boyum
  • Herrn K.s Lieblingstier
    By: Bertolt Brecht

Volume 10 – Number 1 – October 1995 PDF File Opens in new window

  • May We Live in Interesting Times
    By: Keith Boyum
  • Student Recruitment and Outreach
    By: Chuck Moore
  • A Reflection on Faculty Day
    By: Joe Arnold
  • Making Learning Preeminent at CSU Fullerton
    By: Mary Kay Tetreault
  • A Reflection on Faculty Day
    By: Joe Arnold
  • Learning in the Context of New Technologies
    By: Susan Parman
  • A Reflection on Faculty Day
    By: Katrin Harich
  • Managing Prospects for Private Funding
    By: Kathleen Costello
  • CSUF Vietnam Workshops
    By: MaryKayCrouch
  • WinPost for Windows (Computer Program Review}
    By: Joe Sawicki
  • The Academic Life
    By: John Brugaletta
  • Letter to the Editor
    By: Yun Kuen Lee
  • Product Names Get lost in Translation
    By: Richard Lederer

Volume 9 – Number 4 – May 1995 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Notes From the Academic Senate
    By: Albert Flores
  • Open Memorandum to Barry Munitz
    By: Vince Buck
  • Some Comments About Community
    By: Keith Boyum
  • Understanding and Doing: The Need for Plain Talk about Prejudice
    By: John Ibson
  • Will There Be More Dialogue or More Death?
    By: Benjamin Hubbard
  • The Case for Adopted Textbooks
    By: Bill Dickerson
  • Instructional Technology Coordinating Committee
    By: Michael Parker
  • Technology Action Plan for CSUF
    By: Sorel Reisman and Curtis Swanson
  • The New Information Technology and the Culture of Pedagogy
    By: Susan Parman
  • Ron Harmon: Talkin’ American (Review)
    By: Arline Burgmeier
  • Update on Leticia A Students
    By: Curtis Swanson
  • An Application for Admission to the University
    By: Anonymous

Volume 9 – Number 3 – March 1995 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Interview with President Milton Gordon
    By: Milton Gordon & Senate Forum Staff
  • Notes from the Academic Senate
    By: Albert Flores
  • Student Affairs: Fostering Student Learning and Development Outside the Classroom
    By: Robbie Nayman
  • Private Funds and Cal State Fullerton: A Perspective
    By: Harry R. Gianneschi
  • Mapping the Future: Implementing Missions & Goals Through Conversation
    By: Albert Flores
  • Affordable Housing Task Force Update
    By: Don Crane
  • The Role of the American Language Program
    By: Arline Burgmeier
  • Fauna and Flora of the CSUF Campus
    By: Joel D. Weintraub and C. Eugene Jones
  • Laura Lemay: Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week (Review)
    By: Chris Cozby
  • Francis Maher and M. K. Tetreault: The Feminist Classroom (Review)
    By: Judith Ramirez

Volume 9 – Number 2 – December 1994 PDF File Opens in new window

  • A Critique of the Plan for Instructional Technology
    By: Sorel Reisman
  • Statement on Collegial Governance
    By: Vince Buck
  • Compendium Resumes Publication
    By: Judy Mandel
  • General Education Reform on the Horizon
    By: Merrill Ring
  • Vox Populi vs. Vox Universitatis: The Impact of Proposition 187 on CSUF
    By: Curtis Swanson
  • Computer Pages
    By: Curtis Swanson
  • The New Amorous Relationships Policy
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • Moving Targets: CSUF’s Retention,Tenure, and Promotion Process
    By: G. Nanjandappa and Paul Foote
  • Legal Protections for Faculty
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • From the Editor
    By: Curtis Swanson

Volume 9 – Number 1 – October 1994 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Notes From the Academic Senate
    By: Albert Flores
  • Strategic Plan for Instructional technology
    By: Mary Kay Tetreault
  • Continuing the Ride on the Road to the 21st Century
    By: Gene Dippel
  • Riding the Information Choo-Choo
    By: Paul Lester
  • Interview with Donald Castro, Dean of H&SS
    By: Don Castro & Curtis Swanson
  • A Year of Living Dangerously
    By: Albert Flores
  • The Subject is Textbooks, of Course
    By: Curtis Swanson
  • The Almanac Issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education
    By: Curtis Swanson
  • SNAPS 1944-Student Needs and Profiles Survey
    By: Dolores Vura
  • Vision of an Ideal RTP Process
    By: Pat Keig
  • From the Editor
    By: Curtis Swanson

Volume 8 – Number 3 and 4 – Spring 1994 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Unkind Cuts
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • Women’s World
    By: Diane Ross
  • Gays and Lesbians At the Academic Table
    By: Robert R. Hodges
  • Faculty as Fundraisers
    By: Stewart Long
  • Equity And Diversity
    By: Craig K. Ihara
  • Accreditation and Political Corretness
    By: Paul Foote
  • Making Things Better: Notes on the Personnel Process
    By: John Olmstead
  • Special People
    By: Nancy Dority
  • Special Numbers
    By: James Blackburn
  • Talking Statuary
    By: Brian Cantley
  • Vanishing Freshmen
    By: Bill Reeves

Volume 8 – Number 2 – Winter 1993-94 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Diversity is Here
    By: Dolores Vura
  • Diversity: What Next?
    By: Julian Foster
  • Fear and Loathing in the CSU
    By: Alan Saltzstein
  • The “Q” Word
    By: John Lawrence
  • Parking Place for Surplus Teenagers
    By: Karl H. Kahrs
  • The Problem of Quality
    By: Ed Trotter
  • Learning Vs. Grades
    By: Helen Yanko
  • Grades and the Job Connection
    By: Bobbe Browning
  • Academic Appeals
    By: Ralph Bigelow
  • The Evolving Foundation
    By: Don Crane
  • Non-Planning: An Update
    By: Albert Flores
  • Real Planning
    By: Robert C. Belloli
  • Institutional Planning
    By: Mary Kay Tetrault
  • Planning for the Future
    By: S. Krishnamurthy

Volume 8 – Number 1 – Fall 1993 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Doing Whats Right
    By: Albert Flores
  • Planning Where We Are
    By: Terry Hynes
  • The faculty and the Cuts
    By: Barry Alan Pasternack
  • The Planning Imperative
    By: Albert Flores
  • Reinventing The Plan
    By: Julian Foster
  • Developing A Campus Community
    By: Kris Pierre
  • In Defense of Student Rights
    By: Bill Reeves
  • A Life or Death Issue?
    By: Isaac Cardenas

Volume 7 – Number 4 – Summer 1993 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Uses and Abuses of the Budget Crisis
    By: Julian Foster
  • Fundraising Should State funds be used? Yes and No
    By: Albert Flores and Bill Reeves
  • Should MVC be Closed? Yes and No
    By: Dorothy Heide and George Giacumakis
  • Student Evaluations In Every Class or in Fewer Classes
    By: Joan Greenwood and Jesa Kreiner
  • Intercollegiate Athletics Should State Funds be Used? Yes and No
    By: Leon Gilbert and James Bitter
  • Academic Calendar Should the University explore the possibilities of creating a common academic calendar with neighboring institutions of higher education? Yes and No
    By: Don Schweltzer and Sandra Sutphen
  • Student Fees
    1. Should undergraduates pay for 1/3 of their education? 2. Should grad students pay 50% more than undergrads?Yes and No
    By: Vince Buck and Keith Boyum
  • Searching
    By: C. Alexander Jacobs
  • The Four Years + Myth
    By: Jim Blackburn
  • What do you tell students who complain that they Can’t graduate in 5 years?
    By: Bob Belloli
  • Paving the road to the 21st century
    By: Gene Dippel

Volume 7 – Number 3 – Spring 1993 PDF File

  • Do faculty know who they are talking at? Getting through
    By: Tommy Nunez
  • Working Students
    By: Dolores Vura
  • California Kid
    By: Doug Pittman
  • Just say ‘no’
    By: Leon Gilbert
  • Dreams and Realities
    By: Ellen Junn
  • Not Just Another Statistic
    By: Lynette A. Housty
  • A tale of two universities
    By: C. Alexandra Jacobs
  • Another budget story?
    By: Vincent Buck
  • Life down south
    By: George Giacumakis, Jr.
  • MVC: a Critique
    By: Dorothy Heide
  • Living, more or less,with legislators
    By: Keith Boyum

Volume 7 – Number 1 and 2 – Fall and Winter 1992 PDF File Opens in new window

  • The budget: will 1992-93 be repeated?
    By: Anil Puri and Robert Kleinhenz
  • The bucks stop here
    By: President Gordon
  • A Tale of Two Squeezes
    By: Keith Boyum
  • Barbarians inside the gates
    By: Frederic Miller
  • Chemistry’s Evaporating Funds
    By: Glenn Nagel
  • Dropping Football: Will it be Enough?
    By: Julian Foster
  • Politics and Crime: Why not?
    By: Chris Cozby
  • The Big Fish and the Little Fishies
    By: Merrill Ring
  • The Powers That Be
    By: W. Garrett Capune
  • The Reading Department: Going, Going….Still Going
    By: Julian Foster
  • An Arranged Marriage: Love or Convenience?
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • The Mask of Anonymity
    By: Gayle H. Vogt
  • Getting A Fair Shake
    By: Dr. Kenneth L. Mitchell
  • In Defense of the System
    By: Alan Saltzstein

Volume 6 – Number 4 – Summer 1992 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Has the Football Decision Been Fumbled
    By: Stewart Long and Barbara Stone
  • I knew the job was dangerous when I took it
    By: Bill Shumard
  • Where are the Candidates?
    By: John Olmsted
  • It’s lonely at the top. Who does the President talk to?
    By: Julian F.S. Foster
  • Implementing faculty democracy
    By: Bill Reeves
  • We can’t afford to just sit back
    By: Alan Saltzstein
  • Dangerous Liaisons
    By: Jack Bedell and Rosamaria Gomez-Amaro,
  • Marxism: alive and well?
    By: Bruce Wright
  • Getting to know our neighbor Pacific Christian College has an educational mission that is very different from our own.
    By: Gerald C. Tiffin
  • Diversity doesn’t count here
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • Research: yes!
    By: Mark Shapiro
  • Riots: no!
    By: Carl Jackson
  • Your vote counts!
    By: Keith Boyum

Volume 6 – Number 3 – Spring 1992 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Key to Planning our Future
    By: Ray Young
  • Flow Chart from Hell?
    By: Julian Foster
  • Gloomy Outlook
    By: Jane Hill
  • Climbing Down from the Ivory Tower
    By: James Lasley
  • A success story: student writing
    By: John Gillis
  • Thirty years of memories
    By: June Pollak
  • Letter to the editor: Identity crisis
    By: Charles Mosmann
  • Grad students: a boon to CSUF
    By: Glenn Nagel
  • Scholarship that we can do without
    By: Jackson K. Putnam
  • ‘Animal House’ or solemn ceremony?
    By: Robert B. McLaren
  • The rise of decline
    By: Ed Trotter
  • Students can meet the challenge
    By: John Olmsted
  • As good as they think they are
    By: Marlyn Madison

Volume 6 – Number 2 – Winter 1991 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Will we plan?
    By: Stewart Long
  • Choosing the Lesser of Evils
    By: Alan Saltzstein
  • Ugly Choices
    By: Julian Foster
  • A place for scholars
    By: Gayle K. Brunelle
  • The Crisis: How Long?
    By: Paul Peretz
  • Understanding the budget
    By: Herb Rutemiller
  • Grants, equipment, and poverty
    By: Kolf Jayaweera
  • Falling Apart
    By: Charles Stevens
  • ‘Universities and the Future of America’
    By: Robert McLaren
  • The library collection: running on empty?
    By: Pat Bri
  • Maintaining a User-Friendly Library
    By: Doug Highsmith
  • A Viable Solution
    By: Harry Giannesschi

Volume 6 – Number 1 – Fall 1991 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Larger classes wont hurt anymore
    By: Wayne Overbeck
  • Small Classes Foster Quality Learning
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • New Sabbatical Policy an Improvement
    By: Barry Alan Pasternack
  • An in-depth look at sabbaticals
    By: John Ibson
  • Teaching By Television: Can CSUF catch up?
    By: George Mastroianni
  • In front of the cameras, But is It teaching?
    By: Ted Smythe and David Gjestland
  • CSUF Needs Asian Studies Programs
    By: Mary Kay
  • Asian Studies Program Uncessary
    By: Ronald Hughes
  • Rank Should Have its privelages
    By: Emmett Long
  • Searching for ‘roots’ of e eritus
    By: Charles A. Povlovich
  • Etymology irrelevant to emeritus policy
    By: Tom Klammer
  • Emeritus: An automatic honor?
    By: Julian Foster

Volume 5 – Number 4 – Summer 1991 PDF File Opens in new window

  • On not betraying the University
    By: Stewart Long
  •  Vol. 5:4 Moving from CSU workload norms to national ones
    By: Richard T. Serpe and Rae R. Newton
  • Fund Raising at CSUF: Whats wrong
    By: Senate Forum
  • Collegiality and fund raising
    Would greater faculty involvement strengthen or handicap our fund raising campaigns?
    By: Julian Foster
  • Private money: who raises it, who doesn’t
    By: Alana Northrop
  • Fund raising: smoke and mirrors
    By: Julian Foster
  • Confessions of a fund raiser
    By: Donald Finn
  • Your Guide to the Frequently Misunderstood: The Foundation
    By: Bill Dickerson
  • Acceptance vs. Conformity
    By: Sheryl I. Fontaine
  • Pretention vs. realism
    By: David Drath
  • Collegiality vs. Individualism
    By: Radha Murthy
  • Campus vs. CSU in the old days
    By: Herb Rutemiller

Volume 5 – Number 3 – Spring 1991 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Budget Disaster
    By: Al Flores
  • Gordon’s Gamble
    By: Editorial
  • Killing Football at CSUF
    By: Barbara Stone
  • Football: Some other points of view
    By: Bob Belloli, Chris Norby, Julian Foster, Bill Puzo
  • To be or not to be an administrator 1. An open letter to prospective academic administrators
    By: John Olmsted
  • 2. Life in the administrative lane
    By: William E. Vandament
  • 3. Which side of the desk this year?
    By: John W. Bedell
  • Do we need a Vietnamese Studies program at CSUF?
    By: Son Vo
  • Vietnamese Studies Program would only enrich the abundant
    By: J. Owens Smith
  • Dr. Cozby builds his dream house
    By: Chris Cozby

Volume 5 – Number 2 – Winter 1990 PDF File Opens in new window

  • The Lottery con game
    By: Stewart Long
  • Internationalizing the campus involves broad range of activities
    By: Jack W. Coleman
  • Can We get Better Students?
    By: James Blackburn
  • A School In Trouble
    By: The Editors
  • Survival as a challenge An Interview with the new Dean
    By: The Editors
  • Why Women Don’t Progress at CSUF
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • Athletes as Students
    By: Ed Carroll

Volume 5 – Number 1 – Fall 1990 PDF File Opens in new window

  • What’s ahead for the Senate this year
    By: Stewart Long
  • We asked two members of the History Department what faculty members should do on November 6th. Democrat or Republican
    By: Dan Sailor and Ronald Rietveld
  • Weinstein vs. Wilson on education
    By: Raphael Sonenshein
  • These people represent you Orange County’s legislators and higher education
    By: Jon A. Yinger
  • Presidential vetoes at CSU
    By: Sharon Perry and Julian Foster
  • A conversation with Milton Gordon
    By: The Editors
  • Running on empty. The Library in the ’90s
    By: Richard Pollard

Volume 4 – Number 4 – Summer 1990 PDF File Opens in new window

  • The politics of president-picking
    By: Jack Bedell
  • Principles
    By: James Robert Bitter
  • Pragmatism
    By: Keith Boyum
  • Playing poker
    By: Julian Foster
  • The anatomy of grantsmanship
    By: Stuart A. Ross and Patrick A. Wegner,
  • Computers offer interactive learning when integrated
    By: Curtis Swanson
  • Philosophy can be taught with modern media, messages
    By: Peter A. Facione
  • That letter may be loaded
    By: T. Roger Nudd
  • The Cobb years: an assessment
    By: Alan Saltzstein

Volume 4 – Number 3 – Spring 1990 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Cultural Literacy: What Hirsch says you need to know, and why
    By: William Vandament
  • Is Switzerland an anarchy?
    By: Leon J. Gilbert
  • What’s an OPEC?
    By: Bayard H. Brattstrom
  • Beat not the poor students and teachers
    By: Tom Klammer
  • Making students literate
    By: Bernard Kravitz
  • Discrimination and the university
    By: Albert Flores
  • The Freedom to be Intolerant
    By: Keith Boyum
  • (In defense of) a ban on ‘fighting words’
    By: Craig K. Ihara
  • Choosing a president: a conversation
    By: Julian F.S. Foster

Volume 4 – Number 2 – Winter 1989-90 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Averting disaster
    By: Barbara Stone
  • The hidden process
    By: Leland J. Bellot
  • Back to the future
    By: John Olmsted,
  • Looking for a winner
    By: Julian Foster
  • Undoing what was done to us
    By: Mary Kay Tirrell
  • Doctorates, legal or not
    By: Larry de Graaf
  • Perspectives on the scandal
    By: Gerald Marley,
  • Why good people ignore bad things
    By: Julian Foster
  • God and man at Fullerton
    By: Benjamin J. Hubbard,
  • Is education only for the mind?
    By: Ian Bailey
  • Character and Conflict
    By: Gerry Corey,
  • Western Civilization: Once again with feeling
    By: Jack A. Crabbs

Volume 4 – Number 1 – Fall 1989 PDF File Opens in new window

  • From the Academic Senate Chair
    By: John W. Bedell
  • Post-tenure review: for what?
    By: Julian Foster
  • Review of the tenured: what now?
    By: James Robert Bitter
  • A CFA response
    By: Barry Alan Pasternack
  • The Honors Program provides the benefits of a small college
    By: Harris S. Shultz
  • Escaping the’DWEMS’
    By: David Depew
  • Inescapably Western
    By: Frederic Miller
  • Winds of change
    By: Emory Tolbert
  • Has’ the Bloom faded in the West?
    By: Robert B. McLaren
  • Greek-Letter Societies: Have they a role on campus?
    By: Charles W. Buck,
  • Rietveldt: ‘YES’
    By: Ronald D. Rietveld
  • Saltzstein: ‘NO’
    By: Alan Saltzstein

Volume 3 – Number 3 – Spring 1989 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Ban Smoking–for the health of it
    By: Faculty, Department of Nursing
  • The Age of Intolerance returns
    By: Jack Crabbs
  • What science says about smoking
    By: Robert A. Koch
  • Confessions of an addict
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • Retreat from the Sixties
    By: Larry de Graaf
  • Let a thousand flowers wither
    By: Gerald C. Marley
  • Trying something different
    By: Paul Obler
  • The war on grade inflation
    By: Dave Van Deventer
  • Grade inflation: a dissent
    By: Julian Foster
  • That Accounting problem wasn’t a crisis, it was a rape
    By: R.L.C. Miller
  • ‘Short history’ short of facts, perspective
    By: Tom Klammer

Volume 3 – Number 2 – Winter 1989 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Some thoughts on Quality
    By: John W. Bedell
  • Temporary death of a department
    By: Julian Foster
  • Faculty governance was at its best in the Accounting Dept. affair
    By: Scott Greene
  • Business school accreditation leads to higher quality for all
    By: Tom Brown
  • Accreditation crucial for engineering
    By: Tim Lancey
  • Accreditation boosts evaluation, planning
    By: Mary Kay Tetrault
  • MPA process evolved from “suggestions”
    By: Sandy Sutphen
  • Opinion: Specialized accreditations make sense
    By: Julian Foster
  • Academic quality is the ,result of conscious efforts by all concerned
    By: Jack W. Coleman
  • A short history of remediation
    By: Herb Rutemiller
  • Letters to the editor: Hecklers at ’70 Reagan talk were ones drowned out
    By: John Cronquist
  • Faculty Council helped prevent violence in 1970
    By: Joan Greenwood

Volume 3 – Number 1 – November 1988 PDF File Opens in new window

  • From the Academic Senate Chair
    By: Jack Bedell
  • Who said we needed a Gerontology Center, anyway? Leo Shapiro, that’s who.
    By: Julian Foster
  • Knowing more about getting older is essential
    By: Rosalie Gilford
  • The campus divided: 1970
    By: Larry de Graaf
  • A radical perspective on 1970 unrest
    By: Roger Dittmann
  • Protest and response:a choice of evils
    By: Gerald Marley
  • Who gets sabbatical leaves? Who do you blaIne if you don’t?
    By: Jesa Kreiner
  • Three views on student retention
    By: Craig Ihara
  • Educational Equity program is designed to recruit, retain under-represented students
    By: Bob Emry

Volume 2 – Number 4 – May 1988 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Why Faculty Don’t Vote
    By: Philip Gianos
  • Professionals and Traditionals
    By: Edgar Trotter
  • Does the Senate Represent the Faculty? Yes and No
    By: Jean Barrett and J. Vincent Buck
  • Testing the Limits: Academic Freedom Under Threat at CSUF
    By: Larry deGraaf
  • The Beard: A Participant Remembers
    By: Jim Young
  • AIDS and the Campus
    By: David Pivar
  • The Rewards of Scholarship
    By: Alan Kaye
  • It Depends What You Teach
    By: Allen Axelrad
  • The Bias in the Search for Merit
    By: Julian Fostei
  • Realistic Goals for Research
    By: Bob Belloli
  • And McNelly Replies…
    By: Will McNelly

Volume 2 – Number 3 – March 1988 PDF File Opens in new window

  • From Faculty Meeting to Academic Senate: A History of the Faculty Council
    By: Larry De Graaf
  • Fullerton Abandons its Goals
    By: Orrington Ramsay
  • Breeding a Revolution
    By: Julian Foster
  • A History of Faculty Council
    By: Larry DeGraaf
  • What Makes a Good Department Chair?
    By: Don Schweitzer
  • A Good Department Chair…
    By: Bob Belloli
  • Successful Chairs
    By: Young Kwon
  • After six years….
    By: Tom Klammer
  • As an advocate…
    By: Julian Foster
  • Undergraduate education; a commentary
    By: Geoffrey King
  • A Scholarly Active Faculty, Indeed
    By: Willis E. McNelly

Volume 2 – Number 2 – December 1987 PDF File Opens in new window

  • The Culture of the Campus: A report on faculty perceptions
    By: Keith Boyum
  • Faculty and Administrators: Allies or Adversaries?
    By: Julian Foster
  • The undergraduate experience can only be enriched by a scholarly active faculty
    By: Jewel Plummer Cobb
  • The problem of retaining students on campus
    By: Dolores Vura
  • Adult reentry students change campus profile
    By: Barbara McDowell
  • Rough Justice
    By: Julian Foster
  • Faculty discipline process is fair
    By: Jim Semelroth

Volume 2 – Number 1 – October 1987 PDF File Opens in new window

  • What is Quality?: The Ethics of Evaluation
    By: Albert Flores
  • Student Assessment for Whom?
    By: James Blackburn
  • Outcomes assessment ignored at our peril
    By: Don A. Schweitzer
  • Essays are ideal for measuring critical thought
    By: Bruce Wright
  • Even political philosophy can use ‘Scantrons’
    By: Julian Foster
  • Musings on Student Academic Appeals
    By: Dave Van Deventer
  • The Evolution of General Education
    By: Bruce Weber
  • Quo Vadis, General Education:
    By: Leon Gilbert
  • Vasconcellos’s views consistent with CSUF academic traditions
    By: Sandra Sutphen
  • Graham points to American tradition of applied disciplines
    By: Dennis S. Tierney
  • Giroux challenges faculty to develop ‘transformative’ role
    By: Jesse Owens Smith

Volume 1 – Number 3 – April 1987 PDF File Opens in new window

  • The disappearing mailbox blues: part-timers in a full-time world
    By: Joanne Gass
  • Focus on the plight of the part-timer misses the point
    By: Edgar Trotter
  • On being permanently temporary
    By: George Saint-Laurent
  • The greying of CSUF: Does campus suffer from flexible hiring?
    By: Herbert Rutemiller
  • Collegiate Athletics:
    By: Julian Foster and Joyce Flocken
  • ‘Drop kick me, Jesus, through the goalposts of life’*
    By: Roger Dillmann
  • Athletics on a university campus is as traditional as ivy on its walls
    By: Bill Puzo
  • Campus budget practices may bring CSUF the ‘big chill’
    By: Leland J. Bellot and Sal Rinella
  • God, a nuclear war! Let’s hope it won’t interrupt our careers
    By: Judith Remy Leder
  • Academic Senate should pursue its problems at home
    By: Barbara Slone
  • Q&A: A look at the University’s policy on sexual harassment
    By: Willis E. McNelly and Rosamaria Gomez-Amaro
  • Faculty can be trusted to develop a fair policy on sexual harassment
    By: Tom Klammer

Volume 1 – Number 2 – December 1986 PDF File Opens in new window

  • The lottery funds: Where are we?
    By: The Editors
  • Faculty attitudes at Cal State Fullerton those at doctoral institutions
    By: Keith Boyum
  • The University Looks at Itself, its Mission and its Goals
    By: A. James Diefenderfer and Barbara Finlayson-Pitts
  • A Skeptic’s View of Planning the Future Drawn from the Lessons of the Past
    By: Julian Foster
  • The Process of Long Range Planning Should Honor the University Tradition
    By: David Depew
  • CSUF has an obligation to provide its service to South Orange County
    By: James Woodward
  • Senate Committee carefully weighed South County issues
    By: Merrill Ring
  • PeriIs of Innovation: When good intentions meet harsh realities
    By: Julian Foster
  • How to teach in two places at one time
    By: Patrick Wegner
  • Letter: rephrase the reading question
    By: Tom Klammer

Volume 1 – Number 1 – September 1986 PDF File Opens in new window

  • Why the ‘Senate Forum’?
    By: The Editors.
  • An insider’s perspective on the Faculty Personnel Committee
    By: Barbara Stone
  • Should the University teach people to read? , Yes
    By: Norma Inabinette
  • Should the University teach people to read?, No
    By: Gerald C. Marley
  • What should CSUF’s Academic Senate do?
    By: Twelve members of the Senate
  • Anatomy of an election fraud
    By: Julian Foster
  • Faculty who excel earn reward brought by MPPP, but name isn’t right
    By: Glenn Nagel
  • MPPP divides faculty, works against traditions of the academic world
    By: Jack Crabbs
  • MPPP responds to a society calling for accountability
    By: Alan Saltzstein
  • What is ‘academic quality’?
    By: Jack Coleman
  • Making good teaching better
    By: Carole Harrison